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Pro Tips for Driving to Electric Forest

Pro Tips for Driving to Electric Forest

Electric Forest draws in fans from all over the United States as well as the world. The most preferred style of transportation? Driving! So, I’m sharing all of the pro tips that you need to know about when it comes to driving to Electric Forest whether you’re coming from the East or West Coast!

Going To the Event

1. Preparing Your Car

Your car is the greatest asset you have when traveling to festivals, however, making sure that it isn’t the cause of being pulled over, getting into an accident, or something else, is super important! These are the top recommendations from the Forest family on what you need to be doing to prepare your car for the event:

Pro Tips for Driving to Electric Forest
  • Avoid “over-packing” your car. This means no gear obstructing your rear view mirror or side mirrors. The heavier weighed down your car is, the more likelihood you have of getting pulled over.
  • Don’t paint your car or mark that you’re going to EF. The cops are VERY aware of what Forest is an is actively looking for vehicles on their way to the event. Don’t make their job easy.
  • Make sure all of your lights (tail light and headlight) turn on. Replace any that have burnt out or are flickering
  • Make sure your license plate and registration are up-to-date and are clearly visible
  • Check your tire pressure and oil prior to the trip

2. How To Plan Your Drive

Outside of ensuring you’re not a clear bullseye while driving, make sure that you have a clear plan on your drive/route. This ensures that you and your group know where to meet up, but also ensures you’re not going to overdrive and exhaust yourself.

Pro Tips for Driving to Electric Forest
  • Coordinate stops along the way for sleeping (rest stops, Walmarts, truck stops, or hotels)
    • I personally love an excel sheet so that I can make sure I’m staying on track and not over-driving and exhausting myself or my fellow car members.
    • Also creates an easy to follow “stop list” for a caravan of cars
    • I also HIGHLY recommend utilizing this sheet to share with family and friends that aren’t attending the event so they can stay aware of your movements! You can NEVER be too safe.
  • Keep your drive times to a reasonable limit- I’m usually at about 10-12 hours in the car before I’m sick of it and need to get out for the night
  • Consider driving in a night in advance and staying in a hotel- the last minute bed, AC, shower, and meal will do you WONDERS
  • Avoid the highways when possible- this is where cops will linger since this is where the masses will usually be

3. High-way Driving Tips

For most attendees, highway driving is more or less inevitable. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great tips for getting through those stretches like a pro. Of course, the best recommendation is to avoid highway driving when it’s possible. Typically you can program your GPS to help out.

Pro Tips for Driving to Electric Forest
  • Don’t fall victim to tunnel vision! Continuously scan the road.
  • Avoid driving late at night if possible. It’s easier for you to fall asleep and is premium time for cops to be waiting.
  • Avoid energy drinks and coffee, they’ll actually make you more tired.
    • Opt for something that will keep you occupied: gum, water, music, seeds, smoking, etc.
  • Always get out and stretch when you stop for gas or rest stops, even if you don’t want to. Your body will thank you at the end of the drive.
  • Switch off drivers ever 4-5 hours to prevent exhaustion
  • Only utilize the left lane to pass and do it quickly!
  • 5 over is fast enough– anything more is a waste of gas and risky!


  • Cigarette butts out the window does count as littering so avoid this!  It is probable cause for a cop to pull you over
  • Save a large chunk of your music and podcasts offline so you aren't SOL when you hit low service patches throughout your drive

Getting Home From The Event

We always talk about getting to the event like everything is just OKAY after it ends. But really, getting home from the event is even more important. Not only have you partaken in various activities throughout the weekend, including limited sleep, low caloric intake, and likely are very hungover. This means it’s even more important for attendees to take extra care when making their way back home. Here are the pro tips you need:

Pro Tips for Driving to Electric Forest
  • After festival exhaustion is real- only drive shifts every 3-4 hours
  • Podcasts will be your friend in the long-haul. After 3-4 days of nonstop music, it’ll be a welcome break.
  • Get out at EVERY rest stop and gas stop.
  • Don’t let your car look like a festival car- pack your stuff back up. Getting home is JUST as risky as going there.
  • Don’t feel bad if you get tired quickly- avoiding an accident is more important! Always pull over when you feel your eyes getting heavy.

Preparing for any festival is a process, but with proper planning and coordination, they can go off without a hitch! These are some of the best tips for driving long-distance to any event, especially Forest! If you haven’t fully prepared, head over to the Electric Forest Festival Guide or to my socials for daily updates, tips, and tricks.

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