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Festival Fashion Trends 2021 (Pt 1)

Trend Watch: Festival Fashion 2021

Part I

Trend watch is finally here! We’re always wondering what the next cute trend is going to be in the festival world, so I did some digging and exploring with my fellow ravers to get their thoughts on what the trends for 2021 will be! There were so many great suggestions I decided to break it up into a couple different parts. I’ll be releasing them each Tuesday for the next couple weeks to keep you all in the loop with what’s to come for 2021!

Be sure to check out the list of businesses where you can shop all of these trends under the pictures!

PSA: No pictures provided here are my own unless specifically stated otherwise. All pictures have links to their direct creators!

Face Masks

Clearly, an easy one given we’re working through a national pandemic. But I truly feel like masks are going to be the perfect “accessory” this year to accent outfits. Not to mention- they keep you safe (which is cool)! The great part is that there are tons of different kinds out there, even disposable ones if that’s what your preference is.

Trend Prediction:
  • Reworked face masks
  • Chain & eyelet accents
  • Tye-dye
  • Outfit / Pattern matching
  • Ultimate accent colors

Shop this trend at these stores: Luxxe Festivalware, Nomad Kandi

Y2K Inspired

This trend is exceptionally on-par for me. I love anything y2k and 90’s styled… it’s the nostalgia for me.  Anyway, I feel like this trend is going to range from accessories all the way through to outfits. I’m thinking, acrylic chains and charms, fuzzy bags/coats/hats, and gloves.

Trend Prediction:
  • Acrylic chains
  • Nomad Kandi
  • Acrylic Charms
  • ‘Hippie’ insipred themes (rainbows, flowers, etc.)
  • Fuzzy bags, coats, and hats
  • Gloves
  • ‘Gummy’ Jewelry
  • Proton pants

Shop this trend at these stores: Nomad Kandi, ShopBGlittz, Chloe Louis Designs, Cyber Dog, Kawaii Baby Co.


Slow-fashion is the goal! I love the idea of finding something old and finding a new way to love it. Not to mention, the price point (depending on what you want and what you’re willing to do for yourself) can be what you’re willing to spend- high or low. Oh, and did I mention that these items are typically one of a kind? Long-gone are the day that you’re running around a festival matching someone else (unless that’s your thing, and if so, yes! go you)!

Trend Prediction:
  • Patchwork joggers/sweatshirts
  • Tye-dye / re-dye shirts and pants
  • Safety pins
  • Acishwash
  • ‘Cut & Tie’

Shop this trend at these stores: Luxe Muse, So Butterfly (‘ravehackers’ saves you $$), Astral Vision Designs 

Asymmetrical Cuts

To me, asymmetrical cuts have been a part of the festival trends for a while now, but so many creators are bringing back some more ‘original’ cuts. I’m loving it. The best part about a lot of them is that they’re flattering for almost every body type- looooove it! Not to mention, the cuts give the outfits a little more daring edge (IMO).

Trend Prediction:
  • ‘Waist-floss’
  • Open back
  • Cut-out bodysuits, tops, bottoms

Shop this trend at these stores: Sassy Pants, AJS Designs, Groovy Robot

Small/Mini Bags

If you all follow me on socials, you know this trend is one I was just beyond hype about. I personally love small bags and backpacks. They’re not the most ideal, but they force you to bring what matters most! And have your friends/boyfriend hold all your other shit

Trend Prediction:
  • Fannypacks
  • Tactical pouches
  • Thigh/hip harnesses
  • Cross-over slings

Shop this trend at these stores: B Glittz, Arden Andava

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By: Sommer
Title: Festival Fashion Trends 2021 (Pt 1)
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