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Learn How to Create Bonnaroo Outfits: Comfy Day Edition

Create Bonnaroo Outfits:
Comfy Daytime Edition

Getting outfits together for Bonnaroo is one of my favorite parts of planning for the event. The vibes at Bonnaroo are very hippy and colorful which are some of my favorite fashion description words! With Bonnaroo coming up in a few short months, I wanted to walk through how I plan and purchase the perfect out! I’m a sucker for comfort at any events, and with the extreme heat being comfortable is literally essential.

Get Inspired

If you guessed that the first step in creating any outfit starts with inspiration, you’re right on the money. I love going to different sites to get inspired by what I would want to wear for Bonnaroo! Pinterest is one of my favorite places to start, but I also love checking out Instagram and TikTok! Once I get the ball rolling, I’ll start creating a small little inspiration board. I used to use Canva for this but since the release of FreeForm and the new item selection feature on my iphone, I’ve been using those more. I really lie these to be an inspirational guide more than anything else and I really try to add images, etc. that invoke my desired vibe. Here’s what I came up with for this outfit:

Your “Centerpiece”

Learn How to Create Bonnaroo Outfits: Comfy Day Edition
From Naked When The Beat Drops

Creating an outfit for me always starts with an item that I absolutely fall in love with. I call this my “centerpiece” item and it’s what I base the rest of my outfit off of this item. At Bonnaroo finding something comfortable for the day can be kind of challenging because I’m not a bikini/small outfit kind of person and it’s usually so hot… really all you want is something minimal. So, I typically go for a light pair of joggers or biker shorts on the bottom with a light weight or smaller top, on top. I always look for things that aren’t made of super heavy fabric wise but still offers me some coverage in the places I desire. For this outfit, I found the cutest tshirt during a Valentine’s Day drop from Naked When the Beat Drops.

Complimentary + Comfy bottoms

Learn How to Create Bonnaroo Outfits: Comfy Day Edition
From LuluLemon Athletica

In an attempt to avoiding spending literally all of my money on outfits for events, I try and focus on one splurge item (usually my centerpiece) and then I try and purchase or repurpose for the rest of the outfit to be budget friendly. This is usually where my festival basics come into play!

For this outfit since the shirt is pretty bold, I thought a pair of black biker shorts would be perfect. I personally love the Berry x Lulu Lemon biker shorts. Sadly, these shorts aren’t sold anymore but the good news… The regular Lululemon Biker Shorts are a solid 10/10 that I love. I feel like they’re longer than normal biker shorts and don’t “ride up” as much as others either. Not to mention, Lulu has a lifetime warranty so if they fall apart you can always get them replaced making them a worth-while investment for your general wardrobe.


Accessories are the best way for you to take your outfit to the next level. Sure, this outfit’s cute… but with the right accessories it’s a whole new level of cute chic.

I’m a suckkkkker for a good bucket hat, not only are they functional but they make doing your hair for the event so easy. I usually do hats on the first and last day of events because those are my lazy days
Pairing this look with a reliable cross-body ensures you’ve got somewhere for all the festival essentials (i.e., sunglasses, battery fan, and hand sanitizer).

Tie it together with the perfect shoes

Of course, no comfy outfit is complete with out my favorite pair of rave shoes, the platform converse. Shoes really pull your look together overall and you want to make sure that they’re comfy to boot! That’s why I love a good platform- they’re always comfortable and provide a little extra cushion when you’re walking on gravel/rocks! Of course, I chose my go-to platform converse, but this look would also be super cutie with a pair of Dr.  Marten. You can shop my full Dr. Marten’s Festival Shoe Guide to find all the best options.

Shop the Look

Learn How to Create Bonnaroo Outfits: Comfy Day Edition
The Shirt
The Shorts
The Shoes

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By: Sommer
Title: Learn How to Create Bonnaroo Outfits: Comfy Day Edition
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