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5 Insider Tips From Cumberland Wild’s Co-founder About The Festival


If you are on the fence about going to Cumberland Wild this year…let’s just say you should be persuaded to make the drive and boogie on down at a festival that has incredible offerings for all ages. We spoke with Co-founder Ben Howells to get the low-down on this years event. Cumberland Wild is this coming weekend, August 17-18, 2019.

1. What’s the biggest change to the event in 2019?

More money to the artistic budget. We are bringing the production up a notch this year, developing the kids area with more activities and work shops.

Betty and Kora - Cumberland Wild 2018-1

2. What are your top 5 must do things this year at Cumby?

Come have a serious hoe down with us when Reverend Peyton’s Big dam band plays Saturday night. It’s good old fun lovin’ finger picking country. Not the kind you see on TV folks. They are a fierce touring band and it’s their first time up here …. people will be talking bout them after this performance.

DirtWire Sunday night

Any of the workshops at the Tee-pee

Experience 850 people in headsets dancing in “silence” at the silent disco

Take in the town and Cumberland Lake for a few hours… although every moment is a good moment in Cumberland Park. -Chill hard and have some drinks. This is the PERFECT decompression festival after a long hard festival season. Small site, right in town and all of the main acts are done by 1am so you don’t need to walk around like a zombie till 4:30 am waiting for your favourite act to play.

Betty and Kora - Cumberland Wild 2018-20

3. The top breakthrough artist you would encourage people to see

Local producers Lady K and Em.Ash will be show casing much of their own productions both acts are amazing DJ’s and major cultural leaders here in the Comox Valley and will be leading a few pretty serious daytime dance parties!! I must also note: Snotty Noze Rez Kids. They are the REAL deal. They were the first act we locked in for 2019 and we did so months and months ago. In that time we have not been able to keep up with their press activity. SNRK perform Saturday night and it will most certainly be one for the books.

Betty and Kora - Cumberland Wild 2018-32

4. For people not from Cumberland- what would you suggest they check out in the area?

You must find some time to take a simple walk up the main road and check out the village of Cumberland. Also Comox lake is 2km from site – take yourself for a swim.

Betty and Kora - Cumberland Wild 2018-38

Cumberland Wild is popping off hard this year and represents everything a village festival should have. We are strong, independent and have passed the test of time over and over again. Come see why when the dust settles the people of Cumberland are always left dancing. Let’s get weird and wild in the centre of town!!

Betty and Kora - Cumberland Wild 2018-50


By: bettyandkora
Title: 5 Insider Tips From Cumberland Wild’s Co-founder About The Festival
Sourced From: bettyandkora.com/2019/08/11/5-insider-tips-from-cumberland-wilds-co-founder-about-the-festival/
Published Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2019 03:03:55 +0000

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