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Cumby Wild Packs In Trailblazing Music Diversity

“Cumberland Wild is exactly what you want in a party,” says Wild creative director ​Vig Schulman. 

“Incredible music, great people, all ages, family-friendly vibes, beautiful art, awesome food trucks and an open air, all-site liquor license.”

The well-organized Cumberland Wild music festival returns to the heart of the little Comox Valley village, Aug. 17-18, bringing significant diversity in programming.

The live-music-driven Wild resides in the footprint of past village festivals, well-celebrated and deeply revered, such as The Big Time Out and Atmosphere Gathering.

Continuing as musical leaders and trailblazers on Vancouver Island, Cumberland Village Works and Mt Eliah Presents are putting the final touches on the  two-day, two-stage music festival, in the heart of the village, featuring a plethora of live bands and unique electronic acts.  

Plus, forest camping and energized DJs playing deep into both nights with Silent Disco — where festies wear rented headsets tuned into a choice of DJs — make the experience more than memorable.

“Cumberland’s musical legacy continues,” says co-producer Ben Howells. “This is small town, big sound, second round.”

Tickets and more information can be found at www.cumberlandwild.com or the Cumberland Wild 2019 Facebook page.


The music lineup is grassroots, eclectic exhilarating and alternative.

For example, the born-to-perform, New York City unstoppable brasshouse trio, ​Too Many Zooz’ live show promises a packed dance floor with zero dull moments. 

Shaking up Canada’s hip-hop scene, Toronto’s ​The Sorority​’s rigorous lyrics and modern perspective bring a unique energy to a common craft that has been begging for stars like this. 

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band​ is sure to kick up some dust, with finger-picking magic and a powerful live blend of country and blues. 

Proudly hailing from the Haisla Nation, ​Snotty Nose Rez Kids​ ​creates music that pays homage to their upbringing on the Rez in Kitimaat Village, while unifying, energizing and empowering Canadian hip hop with everyone who listens. 

New Zealand-born, award-winning, glitch-hop artist, ​K+LAB,​ aka Captain K, brings funky soundscapes that transform into unstoppable dance floor delights. 


Other artists include: ​Dirtwire, Jvmpkicks, EL-Dub​, ​Dodgy Mountain Men​, ​Caleb Hart​, ​Sarah Jane Scouten​, ​Parlour Panther​, ​Mount Eliah​, ​Lady K,​ and ​EM. Ash.


Agent Hooper, Xavier, Andrew Allsgood, Marc Gerrard, The Herdsmen, Aspen King &

friends, iLLith, Aeden, Manabelle, Grey Zone, PK Funk.

“​Of all the Festivals we have presented in our village,” says​ Schulman, “Cumberland Wild hits ‘the nail on the head’ for  this culturally developed community.”

Come out to Cumberland’s neighbourhood stomping ground to “play your heart strings, soothe

your mood swings, scream at the night and get WILD,” he said.



By: bettyandkora
Title: Cumby Wild Packs In Trailblazing Music Diversity
Sourced From: bettyandkora.com/2019/08/13/cumby-wild-packs-in-trailblazing-music-diversity/
Published Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2019 14:08:00 +0000

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