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Meow Wolf Vortex Festival Lineup 2022 in Denver

Meow Wolf Vortex Festival Lineup 2022 in Denver, CO

If the promise of a brand new, never before seen venue in the heart of downtown Denver wasn’t enough to make you buy tickets, then this lineup will. So get your wallets ready! I’m talking about the artists that you will be CRAZY to miss at the Meow Wolf Vortex Festival this year!

Before we jump HEAD FIRST into one of the best lineups that I’ve seen this year, I wanted to share a little about the amazing group that is Meow Wolf. The group is based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico and is a national arts and entertainment company. They create amazing, immersive and interactive experiences and their festival is likely to be nothing short of that! If you’re

Okay, so lets talk artists.

Toro y Moi: For all of the Indie/house lovers out there, consider this a cannot miss set for this event!

Bob Moses: This is one of my favorite artists! Well known for their alternative deep house vibes, this duo will guaranteed have a packed set on Sunday!

Duke Dumont: Another deep/tech house artists that people LOVE. Duke Dumont is a fan favorite and well known for his deep roots in the EDM world

Kasablanca: This artists has everyone asking “who is this?”, after taking the scene by storm with their mixture of progressive house and melodic techno. Looking to change up your usual house lineup? Kasabalanca is a must then.

Major League DJz: Featuring a sound born in South Africa, this group has grown into a global sensation. This group should be on your list if you want to spice up your house/techo life!

100 gecs: Get a chance of pace! This hyperpop experimental group is a big fan favorite, so make sure you get there early to get a good spot!

With such an amazing lineup, it’s hard to imagine that Vortex 2022 could get ANY better, but it does! Outside of hosting the event in Denver, CO (versus Taos, New Mexico like usual), they’re hosting it in a BRAND NEW VENUE! The Junk Yard will see it’s first festival with Meow Wolf Vortex 2022 and is promising even better immersive experiences for attendees.

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By: Sommer
Title: Meow Wolf Vortex Festival Lineup 2022 in Denver
Sourced From: www.ravehackers.com/meow-wolf-vortex-festival-lineup-2022-in-denver/
Published Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2022 16:28:38 +0000

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