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Nymfo Launches Love For Low Frequencies

Nymfo Launches Love For Low Frequencies

Nymfo Launches Love For Low Frequencies

This week we’ll see the launch of Amsterdam based label ‘Love For Low Frequencies’. The imprint will be headed up by a producer of the finest dark and dirty d&b- the renowned Nymfo.  The first release will be his own six track EP by and include collaborations with the scene’s current hottest talents Waeys, flowanastasia and new emerging artist Untrue. As well as being a platform for a premium selection of cuts, Nymfo plans to use ‘Love For Low Frequencies’ as a vessel for nurturing new talent- using his tenure in the industry as a tool to help future artists develop their skills.

Love For Low Frequencies also comes complete with a show on KOOL FM, where the head honcho himself will continue his mission to shine a spotlight on undiscovered artists with the drum and bass community, while always paying homage to the veterans who built the scene we cherish. 

“I am launching the label with my own EP, but I am also going to push new talents I discovered. As I have been releasing music  for more than 15 years, that’s why I can help most artists with their productions and skills. They really appreciate it, so with the label I also wanna include a mentorship kinda thing. Not just releasing music, but trying to help the artists build their profile and skills.

I am from Amsterdam and in the Netherlands Neurofunk and Liquid is really big. The deeper side of the drum and bass is getting more popular lately. So I think timewise it’s pretty good. I have my own studio at Q Factory in the east side of Amsterdam and want to organise writing camps here as well at some point to build a community vibe.”

To get a taste of the vibes you can expect from the label take a listen to Nymfo’s mix for GEST invites.

Follow Nymfo: Spotify/Soundcloud/Instagram 


By: Whisky Kicks
Title: Nymfo Launches Love For Low Frequencies
Sourced From: ukf.com/news/nymfo-launches-love-for-low-frequencies/36199
Published Date: Mon, 22 May 2023 07:44:38 +0000

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