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Top 10 Must-See Artists at Bonnaroo Music Festival 2022


Top 10 Must-See Artists at Bonnaroo Music Festival 2022

Bonnaroo is back for 2022 with a lineup that is lowkey a banger. Although this festival IS NOT an all EDM-related festival, its stages have seen huge names like Alison Wonderland, Illenium, Bassnectar, and more. And in true fashion, this year is no different, just maybe not so EDM-focused.  Here are the top 10 artists that you cannot miss at Bonnaroo Music Festival 2022.

1. Rezz

With the release of her new album in 2021, seeing her name on the lineup was exceptionally exciting! In previous years, her music was starting to lose it’s pizzaz (IMPO) but this new album is going to be a treat to hear on the Farm. Fingers crossed she’s at the Other Stage!

2. Illenium

Illenium on the farm is a dream come TRUE! Take from me, I fell in love with Illenium at The Other Stage in 2017 and it was magical. Not only does this mean we’re in for a performance of a lifetime, but he also does an amazing job ready the vibes of the crowd and giving everyone a great time!


This is an oldie but goodie- this group is an all-time favorite. Their stage performance is truly a treat and they’ve graced the Bonnaroo stages before! Prepare for true performance with this dynamic trio.

4. Black Tiger Sex Machine

Does more really need to be said? BTSM is a performance that truly no one should miss. This trio not only brings amazing vibes, and can frequently be found around the campgrounds during events, but they also have an outstanding show. Their visuals and stage presence speak for themselves. 

5. G Jones

A master of tunes- G Jones should never be missed. After experiencing his set on the Farm in 2017, he’s been an OG favorite for me. Not only do his mixes boast amazing transitions and tunes, but his visuals are unrivaled. 

6. All Time Low

It’s funny how many people in the early EDM scene are also long-time Alt-music lovers. All Time Low is likely a crowd favorite and their tour this year is EXCEPTIONALLY promising! 

7. John Summit

A House music phenom- it’s SO exciting to see him on the lineup this year! Not only are his mixes amazing, but his show performance is also SO fun. Even for someone who is not typically a house-lover, I’ll definitely be attending his set.

8. Of The Trees

This is a group that’s been on my list for a very long time! Their stage performance is said to be electrifying and their ability to control and read the crowd creates a very fun environment for everyone! 

9. Lucii

It’s always heart-warming to see a little bass music on the lineup! LUCII is a favorite and one artist that’s also been on my must-see list for a while now! If you’re looking for deep dark wubs, this is the set for you! 

10. Clozee

Seeing Clozee on the farm will be a treat for everyone! Not only do her mixes create an amazing environment and ambiance for the crowd, but her visuals and crowd control are SO impressive. We got the opportunity to also see her for the Silent Disco and I highly recommend catching her if she’s there this year!

And there it is! These are going to be the top 10 must-see artists at Bonnaroo Music Festival 2022! This year is going to be a very low-key heater year which is ver exciting! As a multiple-year attendee, I personally find that a sold-out/very packed Bonnaroo is NOT as much fun as a half-packed Roo.

Start preparing for Bonnaroo now! Check out the Bonnaroo Festival Guide below.

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