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The EDC Las Vegas Camping Experience [2019]


We all know about camping, and to a certain extent, what that entails. Some love it- the gritty, in-the-middle-of-nowhere feel. Understandable! Get’s you connected to nature.

But others aren’t as big of a fan. No beds, all bugs. No fresh food, just hotdogs! No air conditioning. No bathrooms. No showers!

If you are looking to camp at the Las Vegas Electric Daisy Carnival, you are in luck. This camping is like nothing you’ve ever seen, and we would go so far to call it Extreme Glamping.

Enjoy the outdoors and all your favorite music without feeling dirty and gross all week! Here is a handy guide on how Camp EDC differs (and is arguably better) than regular camping.

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Never Be Bored at Camp EDC!

Instead of sleeping right next to the woods where bears, and wolves, and other animals could easily eat you, why not sleep next to the Mesa?

The Mesa is an entertainment hub in the middle of Camp EDC. Every and all activities are available here when you’re not jamming out at a concert. They have a roller rink, pools and water slides, a market, food vendors, merch tables, massage stations, a salon, and more!

These activities and more are organized primarily at the three main hubs in the Mesa. The Cascada, a giant, blue shade structure (shown below) is specified for wellness workshops and “transformational” activities. 








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The Sol, like the Cascada but in yellow, orange, and red, is home to activities such as yoga, arts and crafts, sound healing, and rave aerobics- like hoop dancing! 

Also, 2019 EDC yoga has a special treat. GOAT yoga! Sounds weird, looks like fun. Check out the video below!








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Bah is the new Ohm. GOAT YOGA returns to #CampEDC at #EDCLV2019!


A post shared by Electric Daisy Carnival (@edc_lasvegas) on Mar 15, 2019 at 6:40pm PDT

The last of the hubs is the Tierra. Some of the more “glamping” activities take place under this green structure, such as haircut stops, massages with oils, and as the official EDC Vegas website puts it, “a few more surprises!

Around the Mesa there is always something going on. Limbo competitions, water balloon fights, team sports, karaoke, Bingo, DJ mixing/sample workshops, dance classes, live entertainment, and more. You’ll certainly never be bored!








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Bathrooms & Showers (Thank God)

EDC doesn’t want you to feel dirty until you’re sweating your heart out head banging to your favorite Above & Beyond song. The campsites have showers, and all of EDC has portapotties, and fresh drinking water. Plus if you pay a little extra, you can have access to indoor, private restrooms. That way, you won’t have to do this:


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Or this:








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With wild rave outfits and tons of people, you’re going to want privacy and comfort, and that’s exactly what Camp EDC gives you!

Shiftpods = Better Tents

If you’re wondering if your tent is going to be big enough or cool enough, the answer is yes! Instead of tents that you would buy from a camping store, these tents are actually Shiftpods.

Shiftpods are a type of tent that are heavy-duty, weather resistant, multi-layered, and are made with a reflective material to create a cool interior away from the hot sun.

Not only this, but the Shiftpods are air conditioned! With the lining’s insulation, your pod will stay your desired temperature all night long. That’s always a perk when you’re wanting to see performance after performance. Sometimes you just need a break from the killer heat!








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With this, there is always a question of safety when sleeping in a crowd of people. However, EDC thought of that as well. On their list of Essential Packing Items, they recommend bringing 2 travel-size locks. Shiftpods can lock from the inside and outside, so you’re never leaving you or your belongings unprotected. 

Not only are the Shiftpods sturdy, reliable, and safe, but they also are set up before you even get to EDC! No labor required. When you walk into EDC, an attendant will walk you to your pod. That way, there’s none of this:









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Pro Tip:

You pod is only as safe as the locks you bring! It’s better to invest the extra money on quality locks than to take the chance! You can rest easy walking around the festival knowing your belongings are safe.

More Than Just Food Vendors

It is no exaggeration that good food at EDC Vegas is everywhere. Not only do they have (gourmet!) food trucks, free water stations, custom vending machines, and a cereal bar, but they also have a Farmer’s Market and a general store. As seasoned EDC Vegas goers say, “If you’re hungry and want something specific, you will find it.”




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Pro Tip:

You can still cook at EDC! Small portable, propane stoves and/or grills are allowed on camp grounds. As long as you’re monitoring the cooking devices, EDC has no problem with bringing food from home to cook and eat. But keep in mind that some kitchen utensils such as knives can be considered a weapon and will not pass through security.

Bringing your own food will definitely make your stay a bit cheaper! EDC food is delicious, but it can be $$$. No matter your choice, at least you won’t be dealing with this:




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Let There be Battery Life

It’s night, you just saw the last performer of the day, and your phone battery has been hanging on a thread for you at 1% for the past hour. Camping outside of EDC means that there may be one outlet for the whole campsite- and it’s 10 yards away from your tent! Maybe your phone’s almost dead but you wanted to heat up some food. You choose, food or phone?

Not at EDC Vegas! Here, every Shiftpod comes equipped with a power strip! No more fighting who gets to plug in first.  No picking between sustenance and sanity. Instead, keep smiling! Power for every camper!




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A post shared by Electric Daisy Carnival (@edc_lasvegas) on Aug 13, 2018 at 1:30pm PDT

Don’t want to walk all the way back to your pod to charge up? The festival also offers charging locations at varies places in the Mesa and near the showers. Technology and camping meet!


Don’t plug everything in at once! There have been reports that you can overload the grid, and no one wants that. The power strip may as well be 10 yards away if this happens!




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There are SO many things to do at Camp EDC. This festival wants you to get the absolute most out of your experience with them and aren’t afraid to spread that love! This camping can hardly be called camping, but that’s the charm of it! This is an experience you can’t get anywhere else.

What do you think? Are you camping at EDC Vegas this year? Or maybe EDC Orlando? Let us know if we missed any cool experiences about Camp EDC!


By: Jaclyn Tipton
Title: The EDC Las Vegas Camping Experience [2019]
Sourced From: glofx.com/rage-blog/edc-las-vegas-camping-tips/
Published Date: Fri, 03 May 2019 19:58:39 +0000

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