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CE’s Top 10 Can’t-Miss Experiences at Texas Eclipse 2024

Here at CE, we consider ourselves avid “eclipse chasers.” Just check out our review of Oregon Eclipse 2017 if you need more evidence. So when Patagonia Eclipse was canceled in 2020 during the global pandemic shutdown, we were heartbroken. Thankfully, all good things come to those who wait. When Disco Presents, formerly Disco Donnie, announced they would be heading up the Texas Eclipse, alongside 12 other global music festival curators, we high-tailed it to the media list!

Nestled in the Texas Hill Country, the festival site at Reveille Peak Ranch offers over 200 acres of scenic landscapes for peak viewing pleasure. The last total solar eclipse occurred in central Texas on May 26, 1397. You won’t even be able to view another one in the US until 2044, so trust that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the estimated 65K attendees expected to touch down from across the world.

Notice how we haven’t made even one mention of music, yet?

That’s because music will not be the main attraction at this gathering— it’ll be the solar eclipse! So we don’t want to provide the typical “top 10 music sets to see” preview coverage because that wouldn’t do justice to the monumental aura of this festival experience. Take it from an eclipse vet: you will find yourself more lost in the immersive art installations, the transcendental educational workshops, the deep connection to the land, and the indigenous tribes that roam the grounds. In fact, many of these experiential activities are carry-overs from Oregon Eclipse!

So, in no particular order, we offer our Top 10 Can’t-Miss Experiences at Texas Eclipse 2024.

1) Meow Wolf Presents: Gone Fishing

With the expansion of Meow Wolf into the Dallas and Houston markets, it’s no wonder that the immersive art experience is bringing out their psychedelic journey installations to the Texas Eclipse Festival. The “Gone Fishing” experience is bound to be fun for the entire family! But if that is not your thing, there will also be an entire Quantum Kids space with even more family-friendly activities like walk-through mazes, interactive installments, and kids’ art activations.

2) Indigenous Ritual Spaces

CE’s Top 10 Can’t-Miss Experiences at Texas Eclipse 2024

One of the most enchanting experiences at Oregon Eclipse was the various indigenous tribes roaming the grounds with chants and rituals dedicated to the cosmic event. These tribes, who were local to the Southwest US as well as flown in from Latin American countries, were the single most important energetic force that helped attendees feel a deeper connection to the earth. Given Texas’ rich cultural and historical connection to many indigenous tribes, from the Cherokee to the Coahuiltecan and more, it will be exciting to see which local tribes we will encounter wandering the grounds in their powerful garb!

3) Multiverse Dome… c/o Microdose VR

CE’s Top 10 Can’t-Miss Experiences at Texas Eclipse 2024

The single most impressive digital VR experience at Oregon Eclipse was Android Jones’ Microdose VR. That’s why it’s wildly exciting to see the Microdose VR team back in action with the Multiversal Dome experience! Be sure to get in line early for this one, because there is normally a wait. Plus, if you get there at the right time, you might just run into Android Jones in the flesh!

4) The Yoga & Movement Tent

CE’s Top 10 Can’t-Miss Experiences at Texas Eclipse 2024

The yoga tent at Oregon Eclipse was massive, and the crowds even more so, as they often extended past the covered area and into the dusty sands of the festival grounds. But don’t be too worried, because yoga was offered every hour on the hour for the entire duration of the event. With classic yoga classes like power yoga, vinyasa flow, kundalini, and acro to EDM-infused sessions like techno yoga, house yoga, and bass yoga, there are options for everyone! Pro-tip: The early morning and afternoon classes had the smallest crowds if you want to be sure to get a mat! This one is a must for everyone, especially because many are going to be walking all day and sleeping on the ground at night.

5) Consciousness Portal

CE’s Top 10 Can’t-Miss Experiences at Texas Eclipse 2024

These sessions were fused with the educational workshops, if memory serves. Guided meditations are a great choice right after a yoga session, but some offerings explore psychedelic research, consciousness, living with intention, mindfulness, and more. It’s practically a hippie conference!

6) Educational Workshops

CE’s Top 10 Can’t-Miss Experiences at Texas Eclipse 2024

Two names: Alex and Alison Grey. Enough said. Seeing this phenomenal pair speak on the future of psychedelics was a highlight of my Oregon Eclipse experience. I do not doubt that they will be back, along with tons of others speaking on a range of academic topics. It’s enrichment for the mind!

7) Artisan Marketplace

CE’s Top 10 Can’t-Miss Experiences at Texas Eclipse 2024

A staple at any music festival, the vendors are a great addition. I’m sure the usual clothing and craft vendors will be there, but there’ll also be many new heady vendors to explore. Previously, they even had a barbershop for those who may need to get a quick trim! Speaking of vendors, the food at Eclipse is absolutely amazing and totally worth the price. Plus, they have mostly healthy and vegan options around every corner of the marketplace!

8) Bush Spa

CE’s Top 10 Can’t-Miss Experiences at Texas Eclipse 2024

This area was an amazing place for all those who love to get down-and-dirty in the mud pit, or take a relaxing dip in the mineral salt baths. It’s a full guarantee that you’ll see fully nude bodies in this area!

9) Space Program

CE’s Top 10 Can’t-Miss Experiences at Texas Eclipse 2024

This is a new one to me, but seems to be the perfect educational pairing to a festival dedicated to the cosmos! I have my sights set on the “Sounds of Space” performance.

10) Sustainability

CE’s Top 10 Can’t-Miss Experiences at Texas Eclipse 2024

From the colorful bee gardens that were set up on-site, to the many sustainability talks throughout the day, these experiences were great for anyone interested in learning about living green. Plus, they are fun for the whole family.

There you have it, our top ten experiences to catch at Texas Eclipse. Camping packages and tickets are still available here, so it’s not too late to take the dive! Don’t forget to create your music schedule on the website.

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By: Ryan Morse
Title: CE’s Top 10 Can’t-Miss Experiences at Texas Eclipse 2024
Sourced From: consciouselectronic.com/2024/03/29/ces-top-10-cant-miss-experiences-at-texas-eclipse-2024/
Published Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2024 21:40:40 +0000

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