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A Tribute To MC Fats

A Tribute To MC Fats

A Tribute To MC Fats

A special moment was dedicated to the memory of Singing Fats, at Calibre’s AV show. The DJ played ‘Drop It Down’, his own track with the trailblazing vocalist, to rapturous applause, which then proceeded to be the only track of the night to be granted a wheel-up. As the track begins for the second time we raise our hands in respect and sing loud with each and every one of the two thousand ravers in attendance, we know that MC Fats will never truly leave us. 

On the previous morning (Friday March 10) news broke that MC Fats had passed away through tributes on social media. As one of the most widely recognised voices in drum and bass he will be sorely missed. 

Hailing from a background in soul, rare groove and reggae, MC Fats, whose real name was Wilade Spencer, had brought a unique style to jungle and drum & bass sets since the early 90s. Jump up, dancefloor or tech and all in between, his ability to toast, host and sing over any sub-genre of drum and bass will see his name remain solidified as one of the most respected vocalists for years to come.

His years of dedication to the scene have seen Fats’ work with hundreds of artists, his discogs catalog reads like a who’s who of drum and bass. His soulful lyrics can be heard on iconic tracks such as DJ Hype’s ‘Peace Love and Unity’, A- Side’s ‘What You Don’t Know’, and Dillinja’s ‘I told you How To Rock’, and many, many more. Racking up releases on Eastside, Shogun Audio, Metalheadz, Valve, Breakbeat Kaos, Signature, Movement, Ram and True Playaz, his huge impact on drum and bass is undeniable. He continued to release music up until November 2022 with his track ‘Natural Way’ with Break.

Although MC Fats had built up an extensive body of work over the decades it wasn’t until 2014 that he released his debut album ‘We Gotcha” on his own imprint U Understand Me Music. The critically acclaimed release  was created with the help of his friend and long-time collaborator A-Side’s and featured artists such as Break, SPY and Alix Perez. The album was created as a way for Fats to raise funds after health complications meant he could no longer perform. 

The drum and bass scene has lost a true originator, we have no doubt that his legacy will live on through his music eternally. 

Rest in Peace MC Fats


By: Whisky Kicks
Title: A Tribute To MC Fats
Sourced From: ukf.com/words/a-tribute-to-mc-fats/35835
Published Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2023 22:54:44 +0000

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