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Jauz Remixes Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff, Deadmau5 plays Red Rocks this Weekend

Prepare for a remix of epic proportions as Jauz embarks on a musical journey, retaining the original elements of the iconic track by Rob Swire and deadmau5. While preserving Rob Swire’s soaring vocals and deadmau5’s unmistakable synths, Jauz adds his own unique twist to the mix. Jauz reflects on the daunting task, saying, “Making a remix for a song as revered and respected as ‘Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff’ is honestly almost an impossible task.” Yet, this challenge becomes a humbling and exhilarating experience for the artist, reminding him to embrace creativity without the weight of expectations. After crafting eight different versions of this remix, he discovered the one that truly embodies his essence. With gratitude to Joel and his team for entrusting him with one of electronic music’s greatest gems, Jauz sees it as a true honor and an unforgettable journey.

“Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” stands as a legendary gem within deadmau5’s extensive catalog. Originally released in 2008 as an instrumental piece, it later gained prominence with the addition of vocals by Rob Swire in 2009. The double-platinum anthem found its home on deadmau5’s album “For Lack of a Better Name” and soared to #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart. It also became the subject of a viral video captured during the “Ghosts ‘n Stuff (HARD Intro)” at the HARD Haunted Mansion in 2008, solidifying its place in electronic music culture. Over the years, it has amassed over 400,000,000 plays on various digital platforms and earned double-platinum RIAA sales status. Billboard praised its “creepy organ intro” as “bone-chillingly cool” and hailed it as one of deadmau5’s most iconic and instantly recognizable melodies.

Before Jauz, only two other artists had the privilege of officially remixing this legendary track. NERO contributed their version as part of its 2009 single package, and Chuckie followed suit in 2014 with a bonus track on the “5 Years of mau5” compilation album.

To commemorate this extraordinary remix of “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff,” both Jauz and deadmau5 will be gracing the stage at Red Rocks in Colorado on November 3 and 4, as part of the annual ‘Day of the deadmau5’ shows. Prepare for a musical celebration like no other, where the past meets the future, and fans can revel in the magic of electronic music. Tix still available here.  



By: Greg Wasik
Title: Jauz Remixes Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff, Deadmau5 plays Red Rocks this Weekend
Sourced From: edmlife.com/jauz-remixes-ghosts-n-stuff-deadmau5-plays-red-rocks/
Published Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2023 23:07:35 +0000

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