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Talking Soulful House with Rod Carrillo and Ron Carroll Alongside ‘Get Up’

Rod Carrillo, a beacon for the house music scene from Panama and Founder of the world-renowned, Carrillo Music Group, connects with Chicago’s finest Minister of Sound, Ron Carroll for a standout soulful house record, ‘Get You’.

The synchronicity goes beyond their initials and the flow of their names, as they always seemed to cross paths through getting invited to play the same events, living their best life throughout the dance music world and now for a long-awaited debut collaboration. Harping on a story that will ring true for all walks of life and a house music beat that hits, ‘Get Up’ brings the love through the roof.

Ron Carroll & Rod Carrillo ‘Get Up’ [Carrillo Music]
‘Get Up’ has already been selected as one of the top 50 Weekend Weapons by Traxsource, achieved success on various Traxsource charts including the Essential House Chart where it reached #10, #39, and #50, and the Hype Chart where it ranked #90. The project has also garnered substantial radio play support from Mix 93 in Los Angeles, KGHD in Las Vegas and KRCY in Sacramento.

Ron Carroll is that guy who shows up at the perfect moment with a set that is as right as rain.  You may have seen him during Miami Music Week with Defected or with Spinnin’, EMI or Sirup & Tiger as well as his works with Axwell, Bob Sinclar, Huxley, Wally Lopez, Kolombo and Roger Sanchez.

You know it was a privilege to link up with both these artists at the heart of house music for an exclusive interview.

Get to know Rod Carrillo, a producer behind countless top records such as ‘You Got What I Need’ off his second studio album that charted in the Top 25 on the Dance Club chart for Billboard, Eric Redd‘s ‘Push‘ that hit Traxsource’s Top 20 Soulful House Sales as well as helping launch the careers of artists such as Top 40 Billboard charted, R&B vocalist, Alexis Salgado, among others.

Talking Soulful House with Rod Carrillo and Ron Carroll Alongside ‘Get Up’
Rod Carrillo

Also hear from Ron Carroll, a glossy signee of Sirup Artist Agency next to Lee Foss and Hugel, as you explored more of their ear-catching tunes we cannot get enough of now.

Plus get introduced to the family of artists that offered their touch for a remix of ‘Get Up’, Soleil Carrillo, SMALL TALK, Kebab & Cream and KELLARI and catch the reveal during our fruitful interview.

Talking Soulful House with Rod Carrillo and Ron Carroll Alongside ‘Get Up’
Ron Carroll

How did you initially get to know Ron Carroll and begin this collaboration?  Do you all share some good moments together?  

Ron Carroll: Rod and I have known of each other for years and began to know each other in this industry. I have always had respect for his business sense and passion for creating great working relationships with his artists. We finally connected and it’s perfect timing. We have shared some great moments when I did a gig in St. Louis and in Miami. 

Rod Carrillo: Ron and I have known each other for years in the industry. We have been talking about working together for years. Last fall in Amsterdam, we discussed it once again and in December 2023, it finally happened.

Can you share a little about the collaboration and music production process for ‘Get Up’? 

During the recording process of the single, I was in Indonesia while Ron Carroll was leaving Australia for Europe. Despite the distance, we were able to record the entire track on Sessionwire, with only the vocals being recorded in a live studio setting. 

Who are some of your favorite soulful house artists?

Ron Carroll:  Miranda Nicole, Swaylo and Jon Pierce

Rod Carrillo: Monique Bingham, Tamara Wallace, Ultra Nate

Rosabel’s studio project was named The Album. Rosabel’s 14 song album featured singers Jeanie Tracy, Terri Bjerre and Tamara Wallace, which hit Top 10 on Billboard’s Dance / Electronic Sales in the United States.

Let’s touch on the spiritual aspects of soulful house music, do you have any history producing music with a member of a gospel?  

Ron Carroll: I came from Gospel. The church during my youth was home. I appreciate that foundation that has always led me in a positive direction, as a vocalist, producer and writer. Now we infuse spirituality and self-love awareness in the lyrics to touch all aspects of life. I have not worked with a gospel artist, but I definitely utilize that energy. 

Talking Soulful House with Rod Carrillo and Ron Carroll Alongside ‘Get Up’
Ron Carroll

Rod Carrillo: I have been producing house music for over 25 years and a lot of my best productions have come from the gospel infused world. It is one of the foundations of House Music in my opinion.

How has the Panamanian culture influenced your music?

Rod Carrillo: Panama is what shaped me and the influences of the African percussive sounds of Salsa and Tipico (which is the Panamanian traditional music).

These rich percussive flavors can be heard throughout all our productions and are a vital part of the success that we’ve had from our upbringing in a creative family.

Can you tell us a little backstory about the artists that remixed ‘Get Up’: Soleil Carrillo, Small Talk, Kebab & Cream and KELLARI? 

Kebab and cream are talented producers from northern England that I have had a pleasure working with for various years. They are very versatile and I love their sound.

Small Talk is a producer from the Bay Area in Northern California and  now resides in Thailand. He is known for his soulful and very colorful productions. I thought it brought a lot of richness to Ron Carroll’s voice.

Soleil Carrillo and Kellari are two young producers that reside in Victoria, Canada. They are known for their underground and house parties for the college scene under their moniker Pulsify Collective.  

What has been one of the more underground parties you have been to or played at? 

The all night parties in Panama, Venuzuela and Uruguay.

What have been some of your favorite places to play?  

Rod Carrillo: Amsterdam, Panama, New York, London, Spain, Indonesia.

Ron Carroll: Holland, Brazil, Australia, Russia and New Zealand

Do you have any studio time scheduled with any other artists coming up? 

Rod Carrillo:  I have about 14 projects in the works with various artists. I also have  three albums that I’m producing  with various artists throughout the world.  

We just confirmed there will be two more Ron Carroll collaborations coming in 2024 and 2025.

Talking Soulful House with Rod Carrillo and Ron Carroll Alongside ‘Get Up’
Ron Carroll & Rod Carrillo

Favorite Panamanian saying? 

Rod Carrillo:  Q’ Sopa (What’s Up)

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By: Bobby Lally
Title: Talking Soulful House with Rod Carrillo and Ron Carroll Alongside ‘Get Up’
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