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Eric Redd Talks Upcoming Projects in New Interview

Eric Redd’s musical journey continues to see him climbing the list of talented Artists on the scene, drawing in more and more loyal fans as he drops unmissable music and delivers high-energy live performances. Having established himself as an innovative asset to Electronic Music, creating music that is consistently moving, soulful, yet infectiously danceable, Eric Redd continues to shine brightly within the genre, showcasing his originality with each of his pursuits: whether performing with his band, The Movement, blending live instrumentation with technologically produced beats, or dropping captivating productions, Eric Redd ensures his music continues to resonate with listeners worldwide.

So, today we’re looking forward to gaining an exclusive look into Eric Redd’s upcoming plans and musical goals as we sit down with him for this enlightening interview.

Hi Eric Redd, how’s it going?

Good… big Changes in 2024 already!! (good ones)

We’d love to know more about any upcoming projects you may have in the works! Do you have any new releases coming?

Right now, I’m working on a new EP for the summer. 6 songs to mark the beginning of a new journey creating Electronic Soul in Europe.…. and, I have a new band that will be starting live shows, experimenting with the new music in front of a crowd in April. Some old song favorites and new compositions. Looking forward to trying out a new show.

Do you have any new upcoming collaborations with songwriters or producers?

Not much I can reveal until the ink is dry on contracts. But I will say…some of my new things are quite a bit more electronic and edgy than previous work.

Is there a specific genre in Electronic Music that you are open to experimenting with? If so, what types of musical influences are you looking to explore further?

I want to do more Afro Beat, more downtempo Soul and a new thing that is a bit Tech House, a bit gospel church… (Church, really?? Yes, really…)

With your history as a Broadway performer and vocalist, have you ever thought of creating a project that includes choreographers set to perform to the rhythm and timing of your vocal Dance music? If so, how would you like to execute that vision? If not, would you consider it as a possibility?

If in project, you mean Broadway show then yes, I love the idea…but it would be only if someone else is doing the business end. Broadway means asking too many people for permission to execute your idea… that takes too long, and the truth is, the end game is always about money. I’m a little too downtown NYC for that. A late-night speakeasy, doing choreographed numbers to my music is an automatic yes. Or, a cabaret in Paris or Berlin. My lyrics are always about more than just, “dancing”.

Are there any special venues you’d like to play at this year?

The Apollo, New York, Jazz Cafe, London, Sala Apollo, Barcelona, L’Alcazar, Paris, Caesars Palace, Vegas, Hard Rock, Dubai….

Do you have plans for connecting further with your fans via live streaming your music or through social media? If so, what platforms were you thinking of experimenting on?

I love the music video medium, but TikTok feels a little forced for how I like to present what I’m saying. We’re storyboarding ideas, so more video is coming… just deciding how and where to share….

What new milestones would you like to achieve with your music next?

More change. New songs, new sounds, new influences, new stories. I want to find the space that is the blend of Electronic and Soul… and yet stay true to both. I want to travel and let the audiences influence the stories. Biggest milestone… to dance more.

Are there any goals or projects aside from music that you’re planning on accomplishing?

Fall in Love.

What are you most looking forward to next in your musical journey?

Seeing and experiencing the world and creating art as a European resident. I was here in my early career and now returning. I’ve waited for this moment for a looooong time.

As he promises to keep the quality high, experimenting and evolving his sound, Eric Redd is surely a talented Artist to keep on your radar; so, as he gears up to release new music, we eagerly await to hear Eric Redd’s fresh sound and look forward to continuing following his thrilling musical journey along. Be sure to keep an eye on Eric Redd by following him across social media.

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