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Samstone’s Ones To Watch

Samstone’s Ones To Watch

Meet Samstone, a fresh-faced drum and bass producer hailing from Shepshed. From commanding stages in local venues to captivating crowds across international borders, the artist’s dynamic DJ sets have been steadily gaining him fans across Europe.

As Samstone prepares to embark on one of his most exhilarating ventures yet, he sets his sights on an unexpected collaboration. Teaming up with iconic outfit The Cardigans and DJ and producer AKTIVE. Samstone is poised to unleash a remix of the classic track ‘My Favourite Game’ that promises to ignite dance floors.

In celebration of this release, Samstone presents his curated selection of artists to watch in 2024. Drawing from his own experiences and insights, Samstone offers a glimpse into the future of music, spotlighting emerging talents who are poised to make waves.

Stream Samstone & Aktive (Feat. The Cardigans) – My Favourite Game:

We always think that the best way to get to know someone is to look through their music collection. Today, we want to get to know Samstone, so we’ve asked him who his ones to watch are for 2024.


No Thank U- Kingdom Audio

Ever since I first heard R!PT!DE’s productions, I have been blown away by his sound design. His ability to craft some of the most trashy and disgusting bass sounds you’ve ever heard is incredible. Having already caught the attention of some big names within the drum & bass scene, R!PT!DE is definitely on track to have an incredible 2024. 

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Hold You – Skankandbass

ATMOS’s tune ‘Hold You’ has been in every single one of my sets since I first came across it. The Belgian producer has his own distinct sound but always manages to keep each track he puts out fresh and unique. If you’re not familiar with ATMOS, I’d recommend you check out the first in his new mix series, ELATION: I. It gives a perfect snapshot into the dark and gritty sounds that have become a staple in his productions. 

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I’ll Be Here – Neksus Sound 

Whilst he is by no stretch of the imagination a small artist anymore, Simula has to be included on this list due to the sheer amount of unreleased bangers that we are all hoping he will drop this year. Having had an incredible 2023 with releases like ‘Bonesaw’ and ‘I’ll Be Here’, Simula has been teasing his incredible catalogue of top-tier unreleased tunes since Boomtown last year, giving us a taste of what’s to come for this artist in 2024. 

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My Story – Hospital Records 

Even though it doesn’t feel like long since Anaïs dropped her debut EP, her production skills are absolutely top-notch. Having already released tunes in collaboration with industry heavyweights such as Flowdan, and having received the support of Hospital Records, there is no doubt that if Anaïs continues on her current trajectory then her name could well be cemented with some of the greats. 

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 Tainted – AAO 

Whilst he may not be a producer, Dpart sure knows how to craft a hit. Since exploding onto the scene with his track ‘Say Nada’, Dpart is a name that has been fast-rising within bass music circles. His latest release ‘Tainted’ is a perfect example of his ability to combine catchy vocal hooks with hard-hitting bars, all sitting perfectly on an instrumental featuring a classic sample. If the start of 2024 is anything to go by, Dpart is someone who definitely needs to be on your radar. 

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Cosmic – Exert Records 

Another producer who is quickly making her mark on the drum & bass world is T-Lex. Her hard-hitting drums and dirty bass sounds have seen her gain support from some of the biggest artists within the jump up scene, as well as having various releases on labels including Exert Records and Escalation Sound. Having showcased her production abilities as well as a strong live performance, I can’t wait to see what T-Lex has in store for 2024. 

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 Stay Out – Kingdom Audio 

Herbz is a producer who has quickly been making a name for himself. Despite gaining early recognition through his Binley Mega Chippy bootleg, the Sheffield-based producer has shown that his tracks are definitely nothing to be laughed at. Whilst regularly showcasing his unreleased tracks in his live sets, Herbz seems to constantly be releasing new collaborations, showing the respect that he already has within the scene. This is definitely not an artist to miss out on in 2024. 

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Back In Time Feat. Ekstatic – CRUCAST 

Ekstatic is someone who is a master of all trades. This vocalist, producer and DJ is a name that I expect to be seeing a lot more over the next few years. Having seen first-hand just how good her live sets are, I was further blown away after hearing her latest release, ‘Back In Time’ with Primate and Majistrate. To have the support of two producers on that level shows just how exciting the future looks for Ekstatic. 

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J Bookey 

Shutdown – Invicta Audio 

J Bookey is a producer who is quickly rising within the ranks of the drum & bass world, with support from some massive names in the scene. One thing that stands out to me about J Bookey is his versatility, with tracks like ‘Shutdown’ showing that he knows how to write a track that’ll tear up a dancefloor, but his other productions, such as his track ‘Gucci’, perfectly display his versatility between different styles. If you’ve not heard of J Bookey, now’s your time to get to know him. 

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Get Lonely – Born On Road

Whilst Rendah has been around for a while, he absolutely exploded in 2023 with his and Jakar’s track ‘Get Lonely’, a track that hasn’t left my sets since its release. His whole Soundcloud proves that he isn’t just a one-hit wonder, with tracks like ‘Hokey Pokey’ and ‘Loveless’ showcasing his production strength and versatility. With a back catalogue of incredibly strong tunes and a release on Born On Road, it is clear that Rendah is a name you need to keep your eyes on. 

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Title: Samstone’s Ones To Watch
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