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Hijinx’s Most Macabre Tracks

Hijinx’s Most Macabre Tracks

Hijinx’s Most Macabre Tracks

Hijinx has unleashed his latest EP, Macabre, onto the world, and he’s inviting listeners to delve into the darker realms of his musical psyche. Drawing inspiration from the shadows and the unknown, Hijinx gives us a collection of tracks that pulsate with intensity and intrigue.

The Bristol-based producer has carved his path through the dubstep scene. Formerly known as Mr. K, Hijinx released on labels such as White Peach, Wheel & Deal.  In January 2020, Hijinx embraced a new artistic identity, paving the way for a fresh sonic exploration. His debut release on Navy Cut saw Hijinx venture into experimental sounds, ranging from 110 to 170 bpm.

In celebration of the release, we invited Hijinx to explore the tracks he finds the most macabre. Come with us as we confront the shadows and embrace the beauty found within the darkness.

Listen To Macbre Here

IGantz – ‘Sleepless Elite’ – Innamind Records

As soon as I was asked to do this chart this track was the first that came to mind. It would have been sacrilege if I didn’t include the king of darkness. Gantz has been one of my favourite producers for as long as I can remember and this track is up there in my favourites from him. It’s got everything that draws me to his production, dark textures, his iconic sound palette and processing and that haunting gothic synth. Proper job!

Ivy Lab – ‘Q.Nix’ – Twenty Twenty London

This is another track that came to mind instantly. Big dons Ivy Lab never disappoint, this was originally on one of the releases they did in a series of, I think, free/name your price  EPs on Bandcamp a couple of years ago but was re-released on their album ‘Infinite Falling Ground’ last year. It’s another slow burner that’s got a super chilling feel from the get-go. It’s got a nice progression too, which is something they do really well, introducing new elements while making sure they don’t sound too foreign. Big tune! 

Josi Devil – ‘Breathe Easy’ – Nervous Horizon

In my eyes JD’s one of the most consistent producers out there and an all-around sick guy too. He’s been serving up cold cuts for as long as I’ve known of him. It was really hard to pick a single track from him for this because I could quite easily fill half of this list with his music. But I settled for ‘Breathe Easy’. I love his dark take on dancehall, maybe I  was sleeping under a rock but it’s something I hadn’t heard until he started putting it out,  long may it continue!

Distance – ‘Night Vision(Skream’s “So Nasty” Version)’ – Planet Mu

Going back to ’06 for this absolute weapon. I remember the first time I heard this, I always used to sleep with the radio on in my early teens and listen to Hatcha on Kiss or Skream & Benga on  Radio 1. I can’t remember what show it was exactly but this tune came on and I was like “what the actual f**k?!”. The maddest part was I eventually went to sleep and woke up still remembering the bassline. It’s still to this day one of the sickest riffs I’ve heard, get’s the goosebumps going every time. 

Sectra – ‘Mystic Gate’ – Circle Vision

Sectra’s one of the most underrated artists in my eyes, not only is he a sick producer but a good mate of mine too! Again, it was hard to pick a track from Jon but I settled for this one. Taken from his EP on RDG’s Circle Vision, it’s got everything he does so well. The gloomy bells ring throughout alongside big 808s and smashed percussion, you can hear Jon’s background in metal in everything he does, something I fully endorse!

Sumgii X Matt Frost – ‘Bugged’ – Self Released via Bandcamp 

These two make some of the most ridiculous beats I’ve ever heard and this one’s a prime example of that. Everything they do is twisted and this track is no exception. It’s got an 80s horror sound mixed with their wonky hip-hop flex. This one has just dropped, so make sure you cop it and check their previous project ‘Dusty Pizza EP’ that’s also filled with more trippy beats! 

Alex Perez & Headland – ‘The Grove’ – 1985 Music 

When I was first informed of this project I knew there was going to be some mad music on its way and I wasn’t wrong. This one’s lifted off the ‘Hellion LP’ that dropped last year, I feel like it was weirdly overlooked which is surprising to me. Two Donnies that champion unique sounds, that many try and fail to emulate. The LP’s full of dark slow burners but this track was the stand out for me, I think you can really hear both of their styles coming together and that bass line is f******g rude! 

Commodo – ‘Procession’ – Deep Medi 

Your favourite producer’s favourite producer. Had to draw for this one. Commodo, for me, is the most interesting producer in the scene. Always evolving and developing his sound but always feels familiar, in a good way. Procession is one of my favourites of his, I love the eeriness of the track and how it’s so minimal but still sounds so full, which isn’t easy to do well. I don’t listen to dubstep in my spare time or in my headphones when I’m doing life and stuff but this tune gets some plays for sure.

Gantz – ‘Garam Ft Amos’ – EXIT Records

I really tried to not feature the same artist twice but I’d have been annoyed with myself if I  didn’t include this one, it’s way too sick. Gantz’s production and Amos’s vocals are a match made in heaven that come together to form something beautifully melancholic. The main synth sounds like a warped record which gives it a real haunted vibe and the pain in Amos’s voice is the icing on the cake. I especially like that this came on EXIT, a label that’s largely known for drum & bass, I’d love to hear how it ended up there. 

DE-TU & Congo – ‘Off My Chest ‘ – White Peach

Chris and Jev are specialists in writing music built for the sound system and this one with  Congi is a percy. The melodies is an absolute earworm that sounds like some sort of haunted music box. Tight percussion, heavy subs and of course Jev’s pitched-down vocals all come together to make what was an instant classic when it dropped. I love this track so much that I asked to remix it too! 


By: Whisky Kicks
Title: Hijinx’s Most Macabre Tracks
Sourced From: ukf.com/words/hijinxs-most-macbre-tracks/37496
Published Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2024 22:01:38 +0000

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